Welcome to our school!

Welcome to De Troubadour’s website!

Are you looking for a school:

  • That parts from teaching language skills and maths, offers physical education classes, music classes, and culture classes given by specialist teachers?

  • That scores high on (social) security (9.2 score at the students’ questionnaire)?

  • That communicates well with neighbouring child care facility Korein?

  • That considers the collaboration with parents of paramount importance?

  • That values your child’s self-confidence, autonomy, and responsibility; and weaves working on 21th Century skills into the entire curriculum?

Then you’ve come to the right school! If you’re interested in a tour of the school, please fill out the contact form. Click here.
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We’ll gladly make an appointment for a personal interview and to show you around.  You’re very welcome at our school!


On behalf of the entire team,
Mart van der Heijden, principal